Jobs and Innovation

We need to honor working people here in the North State.  Workers need a living wage and to have access to 21st century, clean and innovative high-tech jobs. I’ll create an Economic Development Council with representatives from each county in Assembly District 1 to lead this job-building process. We need to be able to restore our once lively fisheries, forests, and infrastructure, while working to protect our precious environment. Young people in our rural communities often feel pressured to leave because they can’t find good paying jobs. I’ll pay particular attention to our youth and their job-seeking goals.


Much of California depends on clean water from the North State. Our northern waters are in high demand and must be managed fairly. Our small towns are having to struggle with large corporations to protect their local water systems. The need for adequate and safe drinking water, and water for agriculture, will continue as the climate changes. I’ll work to protect North State water rights that originate from our streams and aquifers.  Water is Sacred—Water is Life!


I’ve worked as a classroom teacher, an administrator, and a recruiter and advisor for low-income and Native American college students. I have twice been named Indian Educator of the Year. I support our public schools and colleges. Assembly District 1 is among the largest geographic areas in the state, and yet we don’t have a UC Campus; I’ll work to make this happen.


I am running to protect and expand access to health care for all. I am especially concerned about protecting low-income women and children who have been hurt by restrictions on public funds for rural clinics. I’ll study how to fund a Universal Health Care system. 


I know from my experience what it takes to be a leader. It takes integrity, respect, and total commitment. It takes knowledge and being aware of people’s issues. A leader must not only have a sense of humor, but the ability to listen and care. 

I believe the citizens of Assembly District 1 are tired of being represented by someone who can’t get critical legislation passed because they’re with the party that is not in control.  We, the people, are mostly outvoted when represented by a Republican in a Democratic Legislature.  This will change when I’m elected and represent all of the people of Assembly District 1. I’ll hold Town Hall meetings so the citizens of our North State can speak to their issues.  I’ll be able to work with the majority party and get your issues passed at the Capitol in Sacramento.  


I’ll help find funds to repair and replace our crumbling infrastructure in Assembly District 1.  Our aging bridges, highways and water systems need replacing.  I’ll offer Infrastructure Replacement legislation that will help create living-wage jobs and make our communities safe.